These Creatures: Stainless Steel Pet Feeders Made in the USA

These Creatures pet bowl photo

Photo credit: These Creatures

When it comes to my four-legged snookums, I prefer to use ceramic or stainless steel for plating his nosh, not just because they're a great deal more durable than their petroleum-based brethren, but also because scratches in plastic can harbor bacteria.

Unless you're moved by a sudden urge to get smash-happy with a sledge hammer, these pet bowls from These Creatures are bound to last a lifetime. Crafted from 12-gauge, powder-coated steel, the hanging feeders come with removable stainless-steel bowls and mount securely to the wall for an elevated—and more ergonomic—dining experience for your cat or pup.With myriad colors and designs to choose from, including 43 different dog breeds, the feeders also bear the distinction of being made in the good ol' U.S. of A. Because they're not cranked out of some third-world factory with egregious working conditions, however, These Creatures' bowls don't come cheap, starting at $155 for a small, feline-sized version.

Oh, but what price chic, long-lived design? And I'm not just saying that because this one's a dead ringer for my surly sourpuss.

These Creatures pet bowl photo

Photo credit: These Creatures
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