Theater Made From Recycled Pallets by Oudendijk and Korbes

theatre made from pallets amsterdam photo

Have we mentioned that we love pallets?This theatre in Amsterdam was designed out of them by Denis Francois Oudendijk and Jan Korbes, known to TreeHugger for his Garbage Architecture. ::Wrongdistance via ::Cribcandy

There are few building materials more ubiquitous than pallets; see our roundup of designs made from them:
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millegomme from old tires photo

Oudendijk and Korbes also collaborated on this lovely garden shed/ home office made from " Car tires from a local garage, Wood from the former garden house on location, Wood plates from a local art, Old wooden furniture found on the streets, Isolation glass from a nearby bankrupted glass, Stainless steel restaurant plates"

millegomme interior photo

"Our client was in need of additional space, facing a 2nd child to be born. We proposed to carefully break down the existing chalet-style garden house, re-using its materials and rebuild a bigger, more functional and efficient structure." ::MilleGomme

Other sheds from recycled materials:

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Theater Made From Recycled Pallets by Oudendijk and Korbes
There are few building materials

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