The World's Most Eco-Friendly Ashtray


Well that's what they told us. We can, of course, get in a big discussion about how smoking down a fag is a big no-no in oh so many ways (health, the environment, dear TreeHugger!), but we assume you already know this. The portable Boodi Eco Ashtray is made of recycled, recyclable, and bio-degradable materials. It is also made via ethical local production (local to the firm's office in the U.K.), according to Tony Jones, the man behind the patent-pending invention.

Jones came up with the Boodi to give smokers an environmentally-conscious alternative to virtually indestructible plastic ashtrays, which often end up in landfills. The Boodi snuffs out up to five cigarettes at once, via internal tubes. When the butt is inserted into the tube, it immediately runs out of oxygen--and goes out. The Boodi should be recycled with cardboard waste, but if it does end up in a landfill, it easily breaks down. And thanks to its portability, you can bring it to places like the beach.

"It is also very safe and easy to use--it can be opened with one hand--and is one of the smallest portable ashtrays in the world," says Jones.

Jones also offers Boodi branding, it can be stamped with a company logo and used for corporate functions. So far, it is a hit with the forest industry. Clients include the Forestry Commission of England. ::Boodi Also see ::Ban the Butt ::Those Burnt Out Smokin' Butts ::Smoking: Environmental and Social Impacts ::ALMOST: Klop Filtering Ashtray ::Reused Paper Waste Bin from 366cm

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