The Wall Street Journal On Green Building: Nobody Wants It

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In The Builder Concept Home 2011: Time To Redefine What We Mean By Green I complained all of the green stuff was an optional extra, an expensive add-on to the home. Dawn Wotapka of the Wall Street Journal finds that few are buying:

Part of the problem is that green features remain difficult to value and to sell to consumers. "The general public doesn't seem to understand the value prospect of, for instance, a super-insulated home with a super-efficient HVAC system as much as they understand the value of, for instance, a granite countertop or an in-suite master bath," said Kevin Morrow, senior program manager for the National Association of Home Builders' Green Building Programs.

KB, however, thinks this house and community show that it remains bullish on building. "This is a great statement about the company and housing and KB Home's partnership with Martha," said Jeff Mezger, KB Home's chief executive, in an interview.

Still, the company is hedging its bets. The environmentally friendly features are largely options that buyers can choose if they wish. If not, they can just get a Martha house that isn't so green.

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