The USPS's New "Go Green" Stamps Will Have You Seeing Red


From our friends at Fast Company, "bridging the fuzzy border between design and business."

The United States Postal Service wants you to "go green in 2011," so it's released--just in time for Earth Day, we imagine--a set of stamps with little tips on how to achieve better harmony with nature. The tips include nuggets like "adjust the thermostat," "maintain tire pressure," and "share rides"--and a level of insipidness you haven't heard since the end of An Inconvenient Truth.These stamps appear designed to turn off as many people as possible to the idea of altering their behavior.

Here's a tip: Adjusting your thermostat a few degrees will make literally no difference to anyone, except your check book (that should be reason enough to do it, moneybags. Put on a sweater). If everyone in the country sucked it up and decided they could be a little colder in the winter and a little hotter in the summer, then we're talking. But people are, generally, lazy and selfish, so that won't be happening. Maybe next year the post office will issue: "Make massive societal changes in how we use and allocate resources" stamps. Or one that says "Try e-mail." In the meantime, we hope that anyone who receives one of these stamps on a letter will turn up their air conditioning on the way out the door and forget to recycle the junk mail that it was attached to.

By Morgan Clendaniel at Fast Company