The Tyranny of the Unwanted Heirloom

hierloom unwanted picture photo

We talk about living with less and having less stuff, but sometimes it's forced upon you, by inheritance or when mom downsizes and insists that you have the old portrait of Uncle Ivins like Melodie Bryant, shown above, is stuck with. I have stuff from my wife's grandmother in storage because my wife's mom would kill her if she parted with it. Joyce Wadler writes an interesting article in the New York Times about the problem. She quotes psychologist Barry Bubetkin, who " has observed this in a number of patients living with inherited furniture they hate. It's an unhealthy setup, in which people become "slaves to inanimate objects," he says. "Once you're defining it as something you can't get rid of, you're not in control of your life or your home." ::New York Times

I am reminded of that old IKEA commercial about the lamp sitting out in the rain, and the IKEA man saying "you're crazy, a lamp doesn't have feelings!" That may be so, but the owners do.

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