The TreeHugger Project in Brooklyn

treehugger photo

After we got all worked up like AP on Shepard Fairey it was pointed out that we don't actually OWN the word TreeHugger, that artists Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo have been building these sculptures of branches, leaves and vines for years, and frankly, they are just cuter than we are.


The artists write:

The TreeHugger project is an ongoing work of Environmental art designed to help us rediscover our relationship with nature at a very personal and intimate level. Made from twigs, branches sticks, vines and other natural materials, these playful sculptures remind us that we humans are still very much a part of our natural surroundings. They bring us back to childhood memories when climbing trees, and playing with friends outdoors was a part of our daily experience. Has anyone ever climbed a tree without hugging it?

We learn via Apartment Therapy that the TreeHugger Project has an installation in Brooklyn running until August 1.

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