The Tree on Stage: Wood Furniture That Connects to Nature


Photo: Alex Davies

At TreeHugger, we've got a bit of a thing for good wood furniture: tables, chairs, shelves and other pieces that are beautiful and built to last. A few weeks back, I wrote about Olivier Dollé, whose furniture evokes the trees that are the source of the wood he uses. Now I give you the work of Edy Boucher, another French lover of wood, whose work emphasizes even more the connection of nature and design.Called "l'Arbre en Scène," ("The Tree on Stage"), the collection underlines the role of the tree in the life of the furniture. On his website, Boucher writes:

His work associates simply designed furniture, in curves and movements, with creations that come straight from nature, where branches and trunks find their place. According to Edy Boucher, the designer does not only work the wood material that he takes from the tree, but he restores its heart: the tree and the wood are inseparable!

Not all of Boucher's pieces are as obviously born of nature as the two tables pictured above (especially the first), but in my opinion, those are his most interesting. The shelves, desks, and chairs he creates are less evocative of the trees he sees as inseparable from the wood they produce. But they are almost all notable for their curving designs and near lack of 90 degree angles, reminiscent of the natural beauty of the trees that were cut to produce them.

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