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Back in November at Greenbuild we talked to Starbucks' Corporate Architect Tony Gale about the rollout of their new Global Store Design Strategy. It included designs that will "will reflect the character of each store's surrounding neighborhood and help to reduce environmental impacts."

Now the prototype stores are beginning to open; Daniel Edmundson of PSFK visited the New York store at Spring and Crosby.Starbucks has sited each of the prototypes in a different "bioregion", including Kyoto, Lisbon, Toronto and Seattle, because as Tony Gale noted, "we like to do different things in different regions, to reflect what is going on in the local culture."

Edmunston writes:

To achieve this seamless transition of materials, Tim Pfeiffer and his design team used reclaimed building materials throughout the store's wooden floors and counter tops. The team also worked with GE to create LED lights that could meet LEED certification standards while maintaining the warm ambiance that existed with previous lights.

Most users might not notice the sustainable efforts of the materials and redesign, but there are subtle signs throughout the store that allow for the discovery and understanding of the renovation process that took place.

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According to Starbucks' website, changes include:

Conserving energy by allowing air-conditioned stores to reach 75°F instead of 72°F on warm days
Saving water by using high-blast nozzles to clean pitchers instead of running water
Installing low-flow valves throughout the store
Installing cabinetry made from 90% post-industrial material (where available), with no added formaldehyde
Improving lighting efficiency
Using recycled flooring tiles
Using wood products that are Forest Stewardship Council-certified (where available)
Using paints with lower amounts of volatile organic chemicals

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