The Street (or at Least Some Street Paraphenalia) is in the House

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Carlo Sampietro

A side effect of the slow death of print is the surplus of newspaper boxes. Carlo Sampietro helps solve the problem by recycling them into all kinds of things, from aquaria to hydroponic gardens, from wine coolers to dishwashers. He had the most subversive booth at ICFF; According to his website, "It began with  Carlo scoping out specific cabinets to create each piece, then quietly (and in the twilight hours) bringing them back to his workspace."  

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Lloyd Alter

Carlo also recycles taxi lights and police barriers.

The threat of danger permeates Carlo's work. The acquisition of confiscated police barriers commenced the furniture creation. After some investigation into the origins of the barriers, Carlo found that they were manufactured in prisons.

This irony highlights Carlo's playful incorporation of contradictions into his work. Materials that would likely be untouched because of the danger surrounding them are most often used with humor. The notion of power is not always what it seems.

newspaper box hydroponic garden photo

Lloyd Alter

The converted boxes shown at ICFF were repurposed new boxes rather than recycled old ones, but one certainly gets the humor, if not the danger. The real recycled thing is at his exhibition, The Street Is In The House.

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