The Shelf Becomes The Box With System 1530

1530 shelving system photo closeup

Sabine at Mocoloco shows an interesting bookcase system designed by Daniel Gafner of Postfossil. It is essentially made of plywood boxes held together by standard binder clips, which is clever enough. But when looked at in the framework of a more mobile flexible lifestyle, they become more interesting; the bookshelves can actually become a durable box in which you can move the contents.

1530 shelving system photo assembly

The Designer writes at Postfossil:

With the container system "1530" you can create a variety of diverse structures, from a room partitioning to a coffee table - all is possible. The simple container elements made from French sea pine plywood are based on a grid of 15 and 30 centimetres. The four aligned formats can house various sizes of books, media and other objects. The profiled container edges allow a toolless yet extraordinarily and stable interlinkage with standard foldback clips. The containers are placed on a matching base element and are thus better protected from dirt and dust.

1530 shelving system photo unit

It is such a simple concept; even with IKEA style flatpack shelving,the shelves won't take up too much space but you have to buy or find boxes to put everything. Here, the shelving is the box. If the base had casters you could just turn the things upright and roll away.

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