the Scraphouse

How did we miss this one? 1) a team of architects, artists and engineers designed a 700 square foot house to be built entirely from scrap; 2) they all spent three weeks scrounging materials from dumps, recyclers and buildings sites; 3)in May they spent two weeks putting it all together in San Francisco Civic Centre Plaza; 4) they opened it to the public in early June for three days.


Here is their list of ways to reduce waste and re-use scrap:

1. Hire green building-trained professionals to design and build your home;

2. Require that a waste management plan is followed, whereby all materials are sorted accordingly;

3. Identify design strategies where salvaged materials or recycled content will be incorporated;

4. Provide space for recycling and compost containers;

5. Provide the maximum amount of natural daylight and ventilation to improve comfort, reduce energy consumption, prevent mildew, and decrease the rate at which VOCs and formaldehyde are released into the environment;

6. Use low- or no- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde-free materials to create a healthy indoor environment;

7. Ensure proper ventilation to reduce your energy costs and prevent mold and other allergens from forming;

8. Install or replace old appliances and light fixtures with energy efficient products. Look for the Energy Star label on appliances and check with your local utility for rebates;

9. Insulate water heater tank and pipes; and

10. Choose furniture, carpets and mattresses that do not contain VOCs or formaldehyde.

see more at ::scraphouse thanks to tipster Piers at PSFK