The Sage House is Almost Off the LEED Scale


Images by © Mike Dean Photography via Jetson Green

We don't as many single family houses as we used to; location and scale have to be considered as well. So it is a joy to show Arbor South Architecture, PCs Sage House, designed for USGBC founder David Gottfried. It is green through and through, but it is also a modest 1447 square feet on an infill lot.

Jetson Green's Preston, perhaps the world's most popular LEED accredited blogger, says it got a total of 106.5 points and LEED Platinum certification, the highest score west of the Rocky Mountains.


sure looks bigger than 1447 square feet

Preston rhymes off its virtues:

* Advanced double 2x4 framed walls w/ foam insulation;
* Active solar water heating and solar photovoltaics;
* High efficiency electrical heat pump/natural cooling;
* Heat recovery ventilator and Energy Star appliances;
* Drought resistant landscaping and rainwater collection;
* Efficient low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets;
* Reclaimed lumber flooring and recycled cork floors;
* FSC wood cabinets w/ recycled paper countertops;
* High-efficiency windows oriented for natural light;
* Accent siding reclaimed from Cuthbert Amphitheater; and
* Zero VOC paints throughout the house.

Lots more pictures at Jetson Green. Found on Materialicious.

Here is something I haven't seen before: Architects promoting themselves with video tours of their work. Arbor South has put together a three part Youtube tour. See them all here.

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