The Rug Company Signs Up To Ethical Production With RugMark

Paul Smith's Swirl For The Rug Company photo

Paul Smith's "Swirl" design for The Rug Company.

Earlier this summer The Rug Company, known for it's very glamorous designer rugs, announced that it has joined up with the ethical trading label RugMark. The Rug Company, based in London, New York and Los Angeles, is well known for it's collaborations with high profile fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Diane Von Furstenburg and Paul Smith (pictured above). Owners Christopher and Suzanne Sharp have been successfully marketing the concept of rugs as key interior design features, rather than just floor coverings, for many years now and we're very happy to see that whilst continuing to push design boundaries they are also concerned about how, where and by whom their rugs are produced. Christopher Sharp says, "The lives of workers in the rug industry are of paramount importance, we are happy to be involved with RugMark. What we like is that RugMark monitors the situation on the ground not from a distance. For us the craft itself is so important. Without the skill of the weavers, our rugs would not be so special. The designers we work with appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship and materials we use."

The US based non profit RugMark was set up by rug designer Stephanie Odegard. The primary focus of the label is to ensure that rug and carpets are made with child-free labour and that the children of artisan weavers in India, Nepal and Pakistan get to go to school.

The Rug Company will also work with RugMark to ensure that their goods are ethically produced. The manufacturer is working on environmental issues surrounding their products. Sharp explains, "There are so many issues involved. The RugMark label is very important to us, but we won't stop there. We don't want to just be bystanders in efforts to improve the industry. We will keep finding ways to do more." We look forward to seeing how The Rug Company makes further commitments to sustainability in the future.

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