The Quirky Handmade Toys of Jess Hutchison

If you are going to buy toys for your kids or friends kids, and you will, then instead of purchasing nasty generic mass produced acrylic or plastic toys, you should choose something from an indie toy maker. Yes thats right, handmade toys are huge right now, and Jess Hutchison's toys are something really special. She makes knitted robots, strange little cute painted and knitted dolls as well as generously providing free patterns for those who are interested in making their own versions, and nothing says eco like really getting back to basics and making something with your own two hands. If you can't do that then sites like Etsy, featured here, are a fabulous way of finding something handmade by an independent crafter.

Jess Hutchison's toys are not only handmade, but the designs are her own as is the fabric - yep hand screen printed. The toys have real personality really unique items, such as hand painted fabric ghosties and knitted robots. Check them out.



::Jess Hutch where you can find a free online pattern of one of Jess's designs ::Etsy to purchase handmade items from indie designers

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