the Polycart - a friendlier shopping trolley

"The Polycart is an original product, wild, needs to be tamed. Technologically very advanced, one of its main functions is to enrich our perception of daily life, opening technological prospects with unforeseen implications The Polycart is an opportunity of escaping from the mediocrity, routine and laziness which are poisoning us."

Wow - sounds impressive right? These are the powerful opening words on The Polycart's website which beg the question just what is the Polycart? Well at first glance, I have to say the slight disappointment after those great opening lines is that it's a shopping trolley which is being marketed for use in large supermarkets. As dedicated Treehuggers we can't really endorse rampant consumerism in large multinational superstores, but on the other hand it could be argued that if you are going to shop it might be better to use an environmentally friendly shopping cart.The Polycart has been designed to help us manoeuvre smoothly around the daily assault course that is the supermarket. No more struggling with the cart with a mind of its own which goes in any direction and wants and invariably runs over a small child, or crashes into some poor person's shins through no fault of our own! The Polycart is made from one piece of injection moulded polypropylene, which is fully recyclable after its super life in the superstore. It is lighter and runs more smoothly than the average cart and its rounded corners hopefully mean less painful accidents, although the only danger is that its silent movement means that people won't hear you coming round the aisle corner.

The Polycart comes in bright strong colours and has room for instore advertising, so if you don't think you've bought enough already it will encourage you to buy more! Erhmmm yes well there are certain advantages to the Polycart, the ease of use, its recyclability, but do we really need encouraging on the consumer front?

I am not sure I can agree with their claim that it is an "opportunity of escaping from the mediocrity, routine and laziness which are poisoning us." Then again I haven't had the opportunity to use one yet, they could provide a new, fun and innovative exercise routine! Shopping cart racing anyone? Happy shopping folks. ::the Polycart
[Leonora & Petz]