The PaperVillian Converts Gossip into Shelter

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Images via The Functionality

While visiting London over the past couple weeks, I noticed that free news and gossip papers are pushed towards you at every Underground tube station and many street corners. The papers end up littering the stations and walk ways. While the city has started up a paper recycling plan to help alleviate the problem, it's still a sizeable issue, which makes this innovative use of all that wasted paper all the more interesting. It's the PaperVillian.

papervillian canopy rope photo

Designboom pointed us towards the PaperVillian, a structure created by The Functionality as a response to the waste created by the mass of free papers. They write:

Over 3 weeks, 17 pairs of hands individually folded 2542 traditional paper hats from an equal mix of London Lite and London Paper collected on the evening of Thursday 2nd July 2009. Together these paper hats formed an articulated tensile canopy from the leftovers of our morning read for The Secret Garden Festival

papervillian canopy attached image

That is a dedicated and beautiful reuse of one relatively small batch of those free papers. Seeing this, we can start to wrap our heads around the sheer size of the paper waste created every day.

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