The Oldest, Tallest, Largest Commercial Buildings Since Energy Star Was Born

Aon center chicago
Credit: Flickr via Duchamp.

Here's some Energy Star trivia for those family or friendly get-togethers. How old is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program for commercial buildings? Answer: 10. And what are some of the milestones the program has seen since its inception? Let the games begin, below.

The answers to these and other questions are part of an anniversary publication the Energy Star people have put together, which you can download and refer to for more fun-filled party games.

OK, a few more:

  • How many types of commercial buildings is Energy Star available for? 13;
  • How many buildings in the United States sport the label? About 9,000;
  • What's the typical savings for an Energy Star building? They typically use 35 percent less energy than average buildings.
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