The Mobile Track Apartment


We love transformable designs, ideas for small spaces, multifunctional space. We also love looking at the new designs on Yanko and show a lot of them. This design by Setmund Leung Kam Biu has been shown everywhere in the last few days, but we didn't show this one. Why not? Perhaps it is the copy:


Young people want to own their own homes but dang if it ain’t expensive. So they’re forced to choose really small tight spaces that weren’t designed for modern living. This is where the mobile track apartment comes in. Um, these sliding sections look like sliding file cabinet units, which are incredibly expensive.

This mobile system allows you to close off any rooms not in use so the main space stays open. Um, why is the bed the only unit that seems to stay open in all the pictures? that is the easiest thing to fold.

The only rooms that have to stay put are the kitchen and bathroom for plumbing reasons. Um, in the lower picture the kitchen clearly has moved.

So we love mobile and flexible design and we love transformers; they that show a path forward to live well with less space and consuming fewer resources, even if they often draw the popular comment "why is this green?" But we don't love everything we see on ::Yanko or ::PSFK; it has to sorta work and at least conceptually do what it says it does.

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