The Many Influences of James Murphy Design


To say that designer James Murphy has varied interests is a vast understatement. He takes locally-sourced (from around New York City), salvaged wood and combines it with inspiration taken from boat building and aviation design, traditional craftsmanship and joinery found in Shaker forms, Scandinavian modernism and a few other design traditions from Italy to Japan and back to domestic furniture from 18th-19th century America to create his furniture. Using hand tools to shape the major forms of all his pieces, he aims to "help promote and sustain traditional methods in a contemporary context." All of these factors come together to create a succinct style in many of his individual pieces, which is quite an accomplishment, given the diversity of the factors that influence his work. We like the "Flight Deck" cocktail table (pictured above), made from slabs of American black walnut. More examples of his work after the jump. ::James Murphy Design via ::Designspotter


"Jackson cabinet," made from American black walnut doors with a low-VOC black-lacquered maple case


"Halo side table," crafted from American white oak


"Stapleton bench," also from American black walnut

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