The Mantis ComposT-Twin: Decompose in Style


When you finally get your act together and you’ve built that modern green Platinum prefab, got the décor and eco furniture all dialed in, your Prius Touring Edition perched in the driveway, and you eat that first organic victory apple, you’ll be tossing the core where? Composting, like the rest of the mod green life, should be done in style, folks. And you have options: indoor/outdoor, analog/digital (see the TH roundup). I stumbled on the Mantis ComposT-Twin on Amazon and thought it deserved a place in our arsenal. This may, in fact, be the best looking off the shelf composter I’ve yet seen (despite Mantis’ admirable efforts to sabotage it with infomercial-esq marketing). Elevated on a frame for easy loading and easy rotation, the ComposT-Twin has two chambers, one for maturing compost and one for the freshly added stuff. Not satisfied with your ComposT-Twin in the first year you own it? Send it back for a full refund! Pricing in at over $400, this is not the dumpster diver’s bin, but if you’ve got the dough, the love of detritus, or want a nice free composter for a year (I didn’t say that), enter the Mantis. :: Mantis via Amazon