The Luna Project: Living and Teaching Sustainability


David Masters lives in a yurt. But it isn't just a home, he preaches what he practices in an "alternative learning center that provides opportunities for people to develop and reflect on their values and to consider how they might take an active role in creating a healthier environment for future generations."

"The LUNA Project's sustainable living tour will introduce you to the lifestyle changes we have made to lessen our environmental impact and live more sustainably. Our discussion-based tours will touch on alternative energy sources, water conservation techniques, responsible waste management practices, and low-impact building techniques."


"There are currently two Yurts (traditional Mongolian tents, framed with timber, draped with canvas, and circular in form) on site. The first Yurt is set up as an office, as well as a model in sustainable living. The second, larger, Yurt is our inspirational, multi-use classroom.

All of the facilities on site were built working within the confines of nature. The Yurts, portable in their design, were built entirely by hand and may be easily relocated, leaving behind little evidence of their existence. Both of the Yurts are powered by alternative energy sources, mainly solar and wind, and composting toilets have been installed in order to accept responsibility for our waste and to minimize our water consumption."


When he is not working on the Luna Project, David runs Lunatic Adventures, a wilderness guiding company that does winter camping and snowshoeing expeditions. ::The Luna Project found at ::Cottage Life

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