The Liuzhou Housing Project: Green?


Architecture firm MVRDV has designed a unique housing complex for Liuzhou, China. The location of the project is a valley where the eroding mountain face will be enveloped by a series of staggered boxed structures that will leave pockets of vegetation. A wetland or constructed pond will support be created in the valley, to support both vegetation and housing at its edge. MVRDV advocates some overlap between cities and the countryside.

"A city can have a place to grow fruits," said Jacob van Rijs from MVRDV. In order to reduce resource wastage in long distance transportation, MVRDV suggests developing agriculture in densely populated cities such as Tokyo, raising miniature pigs and herbs. Agriculture would benefit the environment and save natural resources. The Liuzhou development is scheduled to be completed in 2007.

Via: Land+Living and China Daily