The Lace Collection, Matteria shows off the romantic side of eco-design


Lace is back! A while ago Lloyd wrote about the California-based Eurolaces, believed to be the first company to offer 100% certified machine-made macramé style organic cotton lace trim for apparel or curtains. Now lace has become a theme amongst the eco-designers, and Matteria, who sell charming objects for living made as sustainable as possible have picked up on it. Check out the beautiful Lace Glasses and the gorgeous hand-made Lace Carpet.The Lace Glasses are Hik! Glasses, made from reclaimed every day beer bottles, and decorated with a fine lace print that transforms them into elegant drinking glasses. Designer Jan Torstensson from Lasistudio alters the shape of the traditional beer bottles by blowing and heating the glass, in order to turn them into slick glasses. According to a Swedish study, using the shape of the original bottle as the base for new glass products uses only 1/4 of the energy compared to processing melted virgin or recycled glass. The Lace Glasses are hand-blown and sand-blasted in Finland, and are available via Matteria for 10.50€/each in brown and clear glass.


The Lace Carpet by Hooked Design is another hand-made Finnish product that fits into every modern home. Using a traditional crocheting-technique and recycled materials that are leftovers from the textile industry, every carpet is unique. The result is a very durable and washable carpet, that comes in white, beige, grey and black and costs 60€ (size: 60cm diameter). ::Matteria

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