The Indoor Fabric Garden - JAM + Ted Baker


This installation at 100% Design in London was a refreshing change from the plethora of overly sleek and shiney products that surrounded it. We loved the curvaceous forms and textured fabrics, not to mention the concept of an indoor rockery and hanging garden. This collaboration between British brand consultants JAM and the fashion label Ted Baker "began as a quest to reinvent the quintessential British ‘hanging basket’".

We're told that, "JAM and Ted had been having exploratory conversations for a while about new and different ways of doing things... In one of those conversations Ted let on to JAM about their archive of exclusive fabrics from previous and upcoming collections...Reluctant to throw any of it away, it took no time at all for JAM and Ted to agree to collaborate on this project and show the fruits of their early efforts at 100%Design."

Ansel and Joe Hunter of Vexed Design worked with JAM on the development of this design installation and The Flower Council of Holland also partnered JAM + Ted Baker for this project as part of their "Plants for People" international initiative spreading knowledge of the benefit of plants in a working environment. :: 100% Design