The Incheon International Design Award 2009


The Korean city of Incheon and designboom have linked up to create a design competition that covers a broad swath of sustainable subject matter. The Incheon International Design Awards are open to anyone, and the three categories (green design for humans, city and green design, and green design and communication) seem to make room for almost anything your creativity can dream up. Designboom (creator of the designboom mart) has elicited many a beautiful idea through its competitions, and we're proud to count our close ally Dominic Muren as one of their winners.The victors in this round will split up $41,000 USD, and the first through third-place winners will be flown to Korea and honored by the Incheon mayor, not to mention have their work plastered all over designboom.

Here is a more detailed description of the categories. For more, visit the iida competition site.

1 - Green Design for Humans
Products and household items made of organic materials or recycled materials:
IT devices, home appliances, automobiles or packaging.
Green designs combined with state-of-the-art technologies to suggest a
new lifestyle.

2 - City and Green Design
Improve city environments and its visual components:
street furniture, architecture, interior design, light: green designs
for future cities
that apply environmentally-friendly concepts or alternative energy to
urban environment.

3 - Green Design and Communication
Visual design of promotional materials or advertisements for green design:
movie clips, character designs, animation films or illustrations.

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