The Hub, a Shared Work Space for People Who Care. In a City near You!

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Image credit: CH+QS arquitectos

Working in shared office spaces is an attractive solution for creative start-ups, and has become more and more sought-after in many of the bigger cities. Green Spaces in Manhattan has turned into a well-working community, and then there is The Hub in over 25 cities spread across 5 continents.

Last year, The Hub Madrid opened the doors of its sustainably renovated previously abandoned industrial building. Here it is all about social innovation and co-creation; a space where business people, designers, entrepreneurs, anthropologists, architects and other creative people who work towards creating a better world meet and work from every day. The architectural studio CH+QS has renovated this amazing space taking care of its energy consumption, reusability and recyclibility. Doing more with less was there motto.

the hub madrid ch+qs photo

Image credit: CH+QS arquitectos

The Hub also exists in London, where Lili Larratea works on Play Rethink, and Milan, where o2 Italy are at home. It has also opened in Atlanta, Cairo, Cape Town, Stockholm, Toronto and Sao Paulo to just name a few. Apart from getting to work in an eco-friendly office space (check out their cardboard tables and reclaimed wood), each Hub organises events such as lectures or networking opportunities. Anita Roddick believed that it had been "probably the most gutsy and dynamic event" she had ever been to and Kofi Annan, while speaking on the Soweto Mountain of Hope, a Hub collaboration, said: "This place that has become known world-wide, is proving what is possible."

Another nice thing about the Hub network: all The Hubs are connected, so if you work from a laptop and are a Hub member, you can easily pop in and out of their offices.

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