The Healthy Building Network

"The Healthy Building Network (HBN) is a national network of green building professionals, environmental and health activists, socially responsible investment advocates and others who are interested in promoting healthier building materials as a means of improving public health and preserving the global environment." Is that in the running for Guiness Book of Records for the world's longest sentence, or what? But it does tell you what these folk are about. Two of those materials they are interested in are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and they have a wad of links here to detail their concerns. the other one is arsenic-treated wood. They note that one of their successful campaigns (of which the above image was part and parcel) led to the US EPA stopping the sale of such timber for most residential uses as of the beginning of 2004. A related ban recently occurred in Australia as well. HBN reckon their actions "shifted over $4 billion in materials purchases from toxic materials to healthier alternatives that are comparable in both price and performance to the materials they replaced." ::Healthy Building Network