The Hangers in Your Closet Could Make You a Surprisingly Comfortable Chair


Images Courtesy of Joey Zeledón

We've seen a lot of chairs made from interesting, unexpected materials: coffee grounds, window blinds, even oil drums. As time goes on, it becomes clear that rather than exhausting the possibilities, these works' designers have opened up the field. The latest proof is the Coat Check Chair, the seat that finally finds a great use for all the unused plastic hangers in your closet.


The chair, the work of Boston-based designer Joey Zeledón, was actually designed to encourage people to hang their coats up properly, instead of throwing them on the back of a chair. But what I love is the chair's green angle: taking all the plastic hangers that too often hang unused in our closets and making something useful out of them, while also saving more materials from being used to make another chair.

According to Zeledón, who is currently looking for a partner and manufacturer for the chair, "the hangers conform to your bum and are surprisingly comfortable." They slide on and off the steel frame without adhesive or hardware. So you can throw on whichever hangers you like, mix and match colors, and "let your closet join the party."

Check out the video demonstrating how the idea came about and how the chair works:

Video Courtesy of Joey Zeledón
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