The Greenest Apartment in London


We do go on about "less is the new more" and "living with less is the key to sustainability" and often get criticized for showing modern prefabs that cost $ 400 per foot. However this 77 square foot former storage room is for sale in Knightsbridge, London for $ 335,000, or $ 4,340 per square foot, ten times as expensive as our so-called overpriced prefabs. It is "about the size of a ship's galley, said real estate agent Andrew Scott, who's handling the sale. "But it's permanently anchored to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world." We also often say that cities are the most efficient way to live- If New York City was a state, it would be 51st in terms of energy use per capita, primarily because people live in smaller spaces and walk. Here you can walk to the food halls of Harrods. Small space, walking distance to shopping and parks, what could be greener? ! ::Yahoo via ::Apartment Therapy

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