The Green Living Manifesto - Green Building Beyond Buildings


When we interviewed Greg Searle of One Planet Communities North America, it was yet another affirmation of what TreeHugger has believed all along — namely that green buildings or sustainable technologies are not enough in themselves - social solutions are just as vital if we are ever going to dig ourselves out of the mess we have created. Greg continues to push this message, and has just emailed us about the launch of a new "Green Living Manifesto" which aims to inspire green building professionals to think beyond energy efficiency, LEED, photovoltaics or rainwater harvesting:
"The evolution of civilization is under way. The people of this planet are opening to change. Most of us now know that the disastrous consequences of our lifestyles are accelerating. Green buildings have captured the imagination of many in the mainstream, but for green professionals the time has come to stop designing for mere energy efficiency and start designing to regenerate and restore. And that means taking responsibility for what people do in buildings and communities after they are built."

Greg and his co-conspirators are inviting fellow green building experts to join them in signing a pledge, with specific commitments to:

• design buildings and communities that make it convenient for ordinary people to change their habits.
• spend a minimum of 15 minutes every business day thinking or doing something that makes green lifestyles a reality.
• explore using ecological footprinting as a guideline and modeling tool to determining real progress towards reducing consumption and behaving more sustainability.
• practice what they preach, starting with their own lifestyles.

This certainly looks like an initiative well worth supporting, and the organizers are encouraging like-minded souls to disseminate the manifesto far and wide. For those wondering what sustainable social solutions might look like, might we humbly suggest our guide on How to Green Your Community as a worthwhile starting point?

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