The Grass is Always Greener with Mindscape's "Peddy" Furniture


Have a green thumb? Need something to sit on outside? Japanese company Mindscape has just the solution for you: their line of "Peddy" furniture creates a truly green place to sit in the garden. In true Chia Pet-style, the couches, benches and seats fro out and grow with a little water and light; like the various chairs and loungers we've seen before, they help prove that green is the new grass.

If you like the idea of growing stuff yourself, and need some outdoor furniture, too, this idea is for you. The larger pieces might require the services of a reel mower to keep them trimmed; the smaller ones can be given a regular "chaircut" with your garden shears. Watch out for grass stains and hit the jump to see how Mindscape "grows" a table. ::Mindscape via ::Freshome


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