The Future We Want Is Already Here, It's Just Unevenly Distributed

Imagine KC from Arnold Imaging on Vimeo.

Jonathan Hiskes at Grist describes The Future We Want, a multimedia exhibition, website and IMAX movie that projects a positive, uplifting view of a "clean energy economy that creates jobs, protects the environment and provides a secure and prosperous world for our children." Hiskes focuses on a short video showing the impact of a light rail system being installed in Kansas City, shown above.

the future we want image

To be fair to the Future We Want project, the video is not part of the project, although it was prepared by one of the partners in it, Jonathan Arnold of Arnold Imaging. And one has to agree that a positive vision of the future would be a nice change from the usual dystopian stuff. But Arnold's view of Kansas City has lovely new buildings and light rail, and no cars and few people. The present doesn't and the future won't look like that.

In fact, I'm not certain that we need to do computer imaging of a future we want; it already exists.

the future we want image streetcars

Wikipedia Commons

There are many good examples of light rail, but to be realistic, they also have to show lots of cars, because the rail actually displaces them when it is a dedicated right of way, or slows them down in a shared street. That's why the new Mayor of Toronto wants to rip them out and replace them with buses. People take transit when roads are full and driving is less comfortable; Empty streets means empty streetcars. A future we want will have crowded streets.

the future we want image paris

Image Credit Lloyd Alter

We have a future we want in cities like Paris where streets are walkable,

the future we want image copenhagen

Image credit Mikael at Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Or in wind-powered, dense, cycle crazy Copenhagen;

freiburg roof photo

Or in car-free, solar powered Freiburg.

As William Gibson said, The future is already here, It's just unevenly distributed.

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