The Five Rules of Design by Sir Michael Bichard


1. Great design can change the world and move people

2. If you think good design is expensive you should look at the real cost of bad design

3. Design, creativity and innovation are essential if we are to meet the global challenges of sustainable development

4. Design is not just about products and communications, it's also increasingly in the services we receive or buy

5. To consume design is a creative act - and everyone can be creative!Sir Michael Bichard, the author of this list (which does a pretty good job of summarizing why TreeHugger pays attention to sustainable design), is a design fan and former government bureaucrat now helming the UK's Design Council, an organization dedicated to "helping businesses become more successful, public services more efficient and designers more effective," and it comes amidst an interesting debate on the current and near-future state of British design: where does creative industry fit in with the economy and sustainability?

Like many things, it depends on who you ask. Will Hutton, in The Observer, says the glass is half full; "Britain's creative industries are now as important in terms of wealth generation as the financial services industry... There is a golden thread that links the creative energy on...Glastonbury's stages to the creative energy that animates new design."

According to UK Design Week, the glass is half-empty (or more): "The UK's product design industry is over-confident, overpaid and in danger of being left behind', according to [design consultancy firm] Pearson Matthews director Jim Dawton.

"Dawton forecasts that in 2008, 'design education is going to become increasingly irrelevant to the needs of the design business" and that a "small number of good design graduates' will send salaries spiralling unsustainably high.

"'For me, it isn't whether or not we will continue to consume objects, but rather whether the UK product design industry will remain interested enough, or even competitive enough, to design them,' he says."

Designers, UK-based or otherwise, what do you think about this? via ::Core77

The Five Rules of Design by Sir Michael Bichard
1. Great design can change the world and move people

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