The Farmers' Market of the Future

st lawrence market north new building image

Image credit: City of Toronto

Years ago, the City of Toronto knocked down a lovely old market building to create a one storey concrete shed of a market that was a perfect embodiment of Toronto at the time: cheap, expedient and ugly. But now the city has greater ambitions, St. Lawrence Market is a going concern, and one storey buildings don't have a long life in a booming downtown. The City ran a limited competition and the judges unanimously chose a winner: Rogers Stirk Harbour and Adamsons Associates "Red Team" entry.

st lawrence market north rendering image

Included in the new, winning design is a four-storey structure that allows market shoppers to view life and activities on Front Street, Jarvis Street and on Market Lane Park from within its glass atrium, effectively creating an open indoor market that resembles a fresh, outdoor setting. Shoppers will also be able to see the South Market from inside the building and appreciate a dramatic view of St. Lawrence Hall to the north, creating a strong visual connection with all three buildings of the complex.

crosssection st lawrence market image

it is a pretty remarkable market, with a courthouse on top and parking underneath. I can't wait.

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