The Ethical Kitchen: Recycle, Compost, Be Ethical, All At Once


TreeHugger likes to promote smart use of space, efficient use of materials and creating more function with less of both (that's space and materials). That's why we like the concept behind "The Ethical Kitchen," a project by Alexandra Sten Jørgensen, a recent graduate of the contemporary design course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University in England. For those who can't fit their kitchen into a single, compact kitchen cart, something like the this would do quite nicely. The Ethical Kitchen requires proper recycling of water and composting of food waste to nourish the plant, and has systems set up for both; if you don't do enough, the plan(e)t will wilt and die. Dig in to more pics and the designer's statement about the kitchen after the jump.


Ethical living is the philosophy of making decisions for daily life which take into account ethics and moral values with regard to sustainability and environmentalism. Ethical living is still a personal choice.

Pay it back.

The project is based on the idea that in the near future, ethical living is no longer a life style we choose, but a life style we all will need to adjust to. The intention is to make ethical living functional and more attractive whilst providing an understanding of how nature and consumption are connected.

The kitchen island is a sink and a preparation surface where you prepare and compost food and recycle the packaging. The compost on one side feeds the growing plant on the other, which is watered by ‘grey water’ through a drip mechanism attached to the waste pipe. The life of the plant relies on how well you adapt to ethical living, and the aesthetics of the unit is therefore a unique reflection of our actions.

via ::dezeen