The ecoHOME


Hate the name (it is so tired) but love the concept- the Forest Stewardship Council of Canada has launched the ecoHOME:

"to inspire residential design and lifestyle choices that promote healthy and sustainable living by:

* Raising the profile of sustainable and intelligent residential design;
* Engaging people in an interactive educational experience;
* Linking the built environment and the natural environment;
* Showcasing responsible and renewable building materials; and
* Demonstrating the integrated design process in action."


It is designed and constructed by the Institute Without Boundaries, a program of the School of Design at George Brown College (of the World House project) with support from TreeHugger faves Levitt Goodman Architects.


"During construction and exhibition the ecoHOME will serve as an educational tool for students, professionals and the public. The materials and technology used in the construction and interior design of the ecoHOME will meet LEED® standards and demonstrate the environmental, social and economic principles of sustainability. Renewable and responsible wood products certified to meet the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be used. The ecoHOME exhibit will also focus on how to live in a responsible manner after construction is complete, such as using certified paper products, non-toxic household cleaners, energy-reducing appliances etc."


model seen at IIDEX/NEOCON


Love the cardboard base. Not much information at ::ecoHOME; we will try to dig up more.

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