The Doors at the Panhandle Bandshell


It is a temporary music venue to "create a space for non-amplified, acoustic neighborhood performances" and "demonstrate through creative reuse of materials that a beautiful structure can be built from material that would otherwise have been thrown away, raising collective awareness of our impact on the environment." The outer skin is made by overlapping seventy-five automobile hoods; The underside of the car hoods will be painted a silver color and the structural support arches will be covered with computer circuit panels. The back wall will be crafted from stacked plastic drinking water bottles and will be illuminated with low-powered, amber-colored LED solar-powered lights. The stage surface will be made from reclaimed solid-core doors. (more on materials here)

It is designed by Treehugger Faves ReBAR (remember their Parking space? ?) the Finch Mob Collective. and Christopher Guillard.


And it will stay that way: "Neighborhood volunteers will be scheduled to support graffiti abatement by painting over any safely accessible tagging on a daily basis. Bandshell Project team members will take responsibility for painting over any graffiti that requires a ladder for access with 48 hours."


It will be available for rental until September 15. ::The Panhandle Bandshell via ::Life Without Buildings


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