The Boskke Sky Planter Turns Gardening on its Head

sky planters kitchen photo
(Images: Boskke)

Designer Patrick Morris has created the Sky Planter, an inverted pot for flowers, herbs, and other leafy companions. The son of a New Zealand ceramics family, Morris chose his company name, Boskke, to invoke the word bosky, meaning a fledgling forest.
Morris' Sky Planters put houseplants in a new context by flipping their horizon. A short video shows how the planting is done, but some questions still remain. Firstly, although Morris claims that Sky Planters will "reduce your watering of household plants by up to 80%," it's not clear how that watering takes place (from the root side, or by flipping the pot). And what about drippage? The site also says that you'll "refill the self-watering Sky Planter Classic only once or twice a month," but we're not sure if that is referring to water, soil, maybe botox. And in what way is it self-watering, anyways?
Boskke sky planters herbs photo

Morris is not the first to grow plants root-side-up, as we've seen via Instructables, and everyone's seen those fancy tomato planters, so perhaps this is not as tricky as it looks. The Sky Planter comes in two ranges, classic and original, which we have to believe is tongue-in-cheek. You can't buy one yet, but stay tuned, that button will be activated soon.

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