The Best Use of 500 Square Feet In New York's East Village?

jpda 500 SF new york apartment photo stair

It is fascinating how the choice of a photograph can make such a difference. Back in March, Apartment Therapy covered a lovely 500 square foot apartment by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture; they led with a picture of the kitchen, nice, but nothing to grab you by the lapels and shake you.

Then last week the Village Voice picked it up via NOTCOT, with it's display of a far more dramatic photograph, and declared it "The Best Use of 500 Residential Square Feet in the East Village, Period"

They may be right.

jpda 500 SF new york apartment photo living room

The architects, JPDA, describe it:

The East Village Studio renovation addresses the client's desire for multi-purpose living space. While the footprint of the apartment is minimal, meticulously detailed millwork conceals extensive amounts of storage and shelving; thereby maximizing floor space. The aesthetic is clean and concise, while providing the warmth of a home and functional desires of the client.

jpda 500 SF new york apartment photo storage stair

We are always fans of storage stairs, and of designs that show how much people can do with a little bit of space.

jpda 500 SF new york apartment photo rendering

There is nothing really unusual about living in 500 square feet in New York City, lots of people do it. But this unit also is a home office; between the two functions, they need a lot of storage. They certainly got it; storage defines the place.

More at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

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