The Bacon Candle: Your Life May Depend On It

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Photo by Syriloth/Creative Commons

It's The End Of The World As We Know It. What are you going to do? Your flashlight batteries are dead. Hell, your candle wax is even running low. All you have left to eat is bacon. Well, at least there are worse ways to die. But wait ... A burned-out candle. Bacon leftovers. What? Behold the bacon candle.

As if the bacon meme hasn't been taken far enough. This, however, is more than a bacon-scented, bacon-tribute candle. This a candle that lives on bacon. Bacon bacon bacon. The idea/breakthrough comes via the TEOTWAWKI blog, as in the REM song, the first line in this post, and survival tips.

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Photo by Anokarina/Creative Commons

The TEOTWAWKI blogger doesn't seem to fully realize the awesomeness of this idea. Not only are you reusing and recycling ... it's bacon! This will work with whatever fat, oil, or grease you have around, according to the post. The blog features a lamp made with a small tin can that formerly held blueberries, powered by fat and bacon drippings, with a wick made from a cotton ball and a wick holder made from a twisted paper clip.

Vegetarians and vegans: Have you tried this with vegetable oil? Instructables has a DIY page on oil-burning candles.

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