The Architecture of Necessity: Talking to Andreas Gjertsen of Tyin Tegnestue (Video)

Tyin Tengestue Andreas and Yashar photo

Image by Leonora Oppenheim - Yashar Hanstad and Andreas Gjertsen of Tyin Tegnestue

Over the last few weeks we've been writing about the amazing sustainable design work that went on at the WOMAD festival this summer, in the UK. Peter Gabriel's DJ Booth made from his old cassette and VHS collection proved pretty popular in our comments section and we also wrote about the Roots Architecture stages, inspired by a game of consequences. Today is the last installation from WOMAD 2011, with the second half of our interview with Andreas Gejertsen of Norwegian architecture practice Tyin Tegnestue.Andreas talks to TreeHugger about, the need for humanitarian architecture, how their practice works without large fee paying projects, what he's learned from working with developing communities, and how Tyin's architectural style has evolved over the last few years.

Tyin Tegnestue Interview at WOMAD 2011 (Part 2) from Elio Studio on Vimeo.

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