The $450,000 Beach Hut: Sometimes Small Isn't Beautiful, Just Expensive

Image credit: The Guardian

From tiny kitchens to moving walls in a transformer apartment, TreeHugger loves small living spaces. In fact, our founder Graham Hill is in the process of converting a 420 sq. ft. New York apartment into the ultimate in sustainable style. And yet we're not quite sure what to make of news that a 524sq ft beach hut is going on sale in the UK for a whopping GB£300,000 (about $450,000). And it doesn't even have central heating. According to The Guardian, the £300,000 beach hut, built in the 1930s, overlooks the World Heritage Jurassic Coast at West Bexington, Dorset. It features 3 small bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and a dining room. And it can even be lived in year round. (You'd hope so at that price!)

But while the size of it might make it somewhat green, compared to your average McMansion at least, anyone wanting to brave the Dorset coastline in December will be keeping themselves warm with electric heating - hardly the paragon of eco-living. No word on what kind of insulation this shed boasts, but it does have mains water, and even drains!

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