The 10 Greenest Cities in America - TreeHugger on MSN City Guides

TreeHugger writer Jacob Gordon has written a very interesting piece about How Green is Your City for MSN City Guides (it's currently features on MSN's Live Earth site, just click on Great American Places).

The piece includes The 10 Greenest Cities in America, 5 Cities That Are Greener Than You Think and 5 Cities That Need Help Getting Green. We hope the piece will make some people who wouldn't normally think about such things consider critically certain aspects of where they live and - hopefully - how to improve their environment.

Editorial note: TreeHugger's Greenest U.S. Cities article featured on MSN drew on many sources, including the outstanding work of SustainLane and its study of sustainable American cities. TreeHugger would like to give much-deserved accolades to this excellent contribution as well as the book,How Green is Your City, which expands on the study."

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