Texcote - Solar Reflective Paint


One of our very early posts was on the enviro benefits of Green Roofs. And we’ve been singing their praise ever since, touching on various benefits, such as spreading out the temperature differentials encountered by roofs. But if you have some deep seating aversion to growing grasses and strawberries on your upstairs, you might alternatively be curious about Texcote. It claims to be 10 times thicker than normal paint, and to be infused with a special reflective pigment. Now your house, or commercial premises, unlike a Stealth bomber, may not need to reduce its radar signature, but reducing roof temps by 40°F is a practical application of the technology. Apparently the US govt think such energy reduction possibilities might have merit, so are said to be researching just what the savings could be. And the stuff is robust, in some instances not needing a repaint for 40 years. Yet for all this heavy-dutyness, it is said to have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Texcote was cited in a list of significant green architectural products in recent time, but alas we’ve misplaced the reference. ::Texcote.