Texan Know-how

Alexander Reh is from Texas and he loves fishing and hunting; maybe that explains his "Fully Loaded Chair" (pictured) which is made of 400 loaded shotgun shells fitted into a steel frame. With shiny brass tips on the seat and back to act as a massage, and bright red plastic in the back, it is meant to create "a powerful allure and odd dichotomy of comfort and demise between furniture and weaponry".

Although he doesn't describe himself as an environmentalist, his work has a distinct recycle/reuse aesthetic. Another project is "Deflower", a vase made from multi-coloured condoms wrapped over everyday juice glasses.

We have previously noted his Milky Way chandelier, made of empty plastic milk containers, a hula hoop and other cast-offs. The young designer looks for "constructive witticism" in his work. You can see that in the so-called knife holder that turns out to be an electrical outlet, hidden from children's prying fingers. He's one to watch. :: Alexander Reh Via :: Financial Times

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