This flower chandelier is made from test tubes

Talk about multi-usage: this delightful chandelier can be filled with whatever you fancy. Created by a Polish designer, Pani Jurek, it's a one or two-tiered row of test tubes and what you do with it is up to your imagination.

The designer was inspired by chemist Marie Curie, a fellow Pole. It's a new way to use test tubes which are the perfect shape for long stemmed flowers. We love it filled with ivy from the garden.

Jurek is influenced by art deco in her shaping of the light. The two bands are made of plywood and the tubes are detachable so you can create a variety of configurations and arrangements.

First seen at Inhabitat, it's clear that different coloured liquids also make a striking fixture and let you experiment visually.

Changing the colour of your chandelier is a cheap way to redecorate a room. You can use food colouring to make the lovely colours, and when you change your decor the powders don't leave a stain.

This flower chandelier is made from test tubes
Here's a scientific chandelier for fresh flowers.

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