Terreform ONE Wins Big Prize For New York City Plan

terraform one new york city concept image

Images via Terreform ONE

Mitchell Joachim and Maria Aiolova or Terreform ONE cleaned up at the Zumtobel Group Awards, with their plans to clean up New York City by converting waste into buildings and reinventing transit. The Judges wrote:

"This project is a rich source of interesting ideas of real substance. The research team is not afraid to think in whole new directions and presents a range of visionary potential approaches that are already acting as catalysts in the urban development debate."


Joachim describes the project as " fundamentally based on the activist notions of self-reliance in the profound writings of Henry David Thoreau, Bill Mollison, Buckminster Fuller, and William Mcdonough."


One idea is the One-Day Tower, fabricated in 24 hours from compacted waste.

Automated robot 3d printers are modified to process trash and complete this task within decades. These robots are based on existing techniques commonly found in industrial waste compaction devices. Instead of machines that crush objects into cubes, these devices have jaws that make simple shape grammars for assembly. Different materials serve specified purposes; plastic for fenestration, organic compounds for temporary scaffolds, metals for primary structures, and etc. Eventually, the future city makes no distinction between waste and supply.

More at Mitchell Joachim's website


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