Terramai - Unloved Becomes Much Loved

"Every minute of every day, over 20 hectares [50 acres] of tropical forest are being cut down." The first words from a book written a quarter of a century ago. A tome that was most probably my personal eco epiphany. So it's always a joy to report on businesses that reduce forest destruction. Originally founded about 15 years ago, these guys have been salvaging wood to provide quality timbers for beams, siding, trim, decking and flooring. The first Californian lumber company to deal exclusively in reclaimed wood. They rescue "Burgundy stained redwood siding from antique wine tanks, massive Douglas fir timbers from turn-of-the-century industrial buildings, ...... teak decking from Asian pole houses, [and] brilliant hardwood flooring from Thai railway sleepers." By doing so they save such materials from a landfill, chipper or fire. In recovering over a million board feet of old growth timber, they've significantly reduced demand on our planet's embattled forests. Via Greenclips which led to link at The Wood Guild and finally to — ::Terramai [by WM]