TerraCycle Turns Computer Parts into Flower Pots (Video)

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Image via TerraCycle

TerraCycle's Urban Pots are made from 100% e-waste. Using items like crushed computers and fax machines that would otherwise be destined for landfills, the organization gives them new life as a planter.

Read on for a video on how the pots are made. TerraCycle is known for making waste products into mainstream consumer products, and supplies for those of us with green thumbs. Their latest addition is this line of pots.

The pots are made from e-waste and painted by urban artists. From an interview on GreenBiz.com, TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky says:

What's interesting about e-waste is that it's like 30 different polymers together. And typically, recycling centers have trouble recycling a bunch of different polymers...[W]e created a method where we could take used -- or all sorts of mixed polymers and make it into a finished product. And that first started by us launching a pot...and we created the graffiti pot where all these inner city artists painted these plastic pots made from crushed computers, and that became the TerraCycle Urban Art Pot.

While there is still more that could be greened up about the products and processes used to make them (as there usually is with any green product) we're giving them an A for effort and for the beautiful pots.

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